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The Soviets Had Big Plans For This Enormous Nuclear Equipped Ekranoplane

In the thick of the Cold War, the Soviet Union built an immense vessel to carry their troops across the seas and into Western Europe.

Equipped with nuclear warheads and able to blast across the sea at 340 mph, the Lun-class Ekranoplane; part plane, part boat, and part hovercraft — is a Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV).

A GEV takes advantage of an aeronautical effect that allows it to lift off with an immense amount of weight, but limits its flight to 16 feet above the waves. Its altitude can never be greater than the length of the wings.

Think of a large seabird, like a pelican, cruising inches from the water and not needing to flap its wings.

The only complete Ekranoplane now sits on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Stalin was as many as 10 times worse than Hitler, though, perhaps, not as blatantly straight-forward as Hitler. Yet we joined with Stalin against Hitler. Does that make us 10 times worse than Hitler, too?

During WWII, Hitler and Stalin were in talks about uniting. What if Hitler had talked Stalin into joining him? Hitler's Germany was reasonably small. Yet, look at the trouble he made for the whole world?

We seldom hear about the millions of people that Stalin killed - enough to make Hitler's holocaust look like a walk in the park. What if Stalin and Hitler had allied by treaty?

Is the current world banking system any different? Yes! They are sneakier. They are not so straight-forward. They have bent the people of America to their ways through sneaky secrecy.

What it was really all about was, which group of world population destroyers was going to win? A Hitler-Stalin group? Or an American-Stalin group? What would the world really be like if it had gone the other way - to Hitler and Stalin?

Chances are that a Hitler-Stalin group would have failed, anyway, through long-term, guerrilla fighting by American people, and others. But, the banking system would have been destroyed, and we would be free. As it is, the banking system won WWII, and they are making the whole world their slaves.