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My Experience Caucusing in Nevada


Today marked my second time caucusing for Ron Paul, I of course caucused and delegated for Ron back in 2008. My precinct is in an upper middle class section of Las Vegas, Summerlin to be exact, so the demographics mostly consist of older if not retired, white and a substantial L.D.S population. Out of my precinct about 19 people showed up, me and another gentlemen decided to be captain and co-captain to run our precinct caucus. We introduced ourselves, passed out the information and explained the caucus and convention process...etc.

The next step was to figure out who was volunteering to attend the county convention next month, for my precinct we needed seven. Luckily it was very easy to get the 7 volunteers. The "fun" part was next, where people would volunteer to speak about their candidate. The first candidate on the list was Newt (we went in alphabetical order), not one person shared their views on Newt, so we next went to Ron Paul. Myself and two other gentlemen shared our views on Ron Paul some of the issues consisted of:

- tort reform to control health care prices
- the debt, deficits and the Fed
- national security
- abortion

I of course spoke about he's the only veteran in the race, how RP never voted to increase taxes, an unbalanced budget, delivered babies.....etc.