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Red-light cameras boost coffers, rile drivers

• San Francisco Chronicle
Anyone in California snapped violating a red light pays a fine of $480, and according to the traffic-watch site, no other jurisdiction anywhere has a tab that high. The second-highest fine in the United States is $250, and it is usually more like $100.

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Comment by Anonymous
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@ stupid amerkin: is Koenig actually imprisoned? What you wrote is NUCLEAR. You really need to publish articles on here! WOW. These people are SCARY. I know. I have myself been treated like a hunted animal. They will literally frame a person to lock them up.

Comment by Anonymous
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Right on Stupid Amerkin!  You know in 1998, I was recruited by one of these racketeering criminals during my legislative internship to make the calls to bring an ADOT study think tank together.  I was given a list of people, while it was supposed to be random, in gov, it is not monitored, so...  It was all Oil company Illuminati controlled legislative liasons (lobbyists). 

The think tank was so bizarre, as I watched an absolute manipulation that made no sense to me at all.   I was just a kid, sitting behind the glass with mike Williams, Barry Aarons and lobbyists as such (Mafia, yes, basically).  I was divorcing one of their guys, so they had to control me without my knowing who I was working with. 

 Their solution was to get Federal Funding for all of the Arizona Universities (control $$) and have them "study" transportation.  Well, ultimately, the resulted in roadway cameras of course, that quickly parlayed in the corrupt cities into, well, as long as there will be cameras, we will buy off the cities and gain us all revenue at the public's expense. Who knows what else, these cameras, with RFID technologies have all kinds of abilities, not just full frontal recognition as Senator Scott Bundgaard told me personally, I was his acquaintance in 1998.

 I thought that Jason Shelton 4409 would be interested in what I knew and expose it at a higher level, but I found out that he had a very certain limited agenda that would keep any real activism at bay and he would monopolize through his own control and "anonymous" people who were writing articles for his site... That they really were NOT about taking cameras down, but they were making it look like they were to stretch it out as long as they could and make a buck off of your emotions in the process.  (Lennin:  The best way to control the opposition is to lead it).  Looks like he is dropping the ball concerning Ron Paul as well.  When it is most crucial too!

Hat off to you Stupid Amerkin.  So many don't see the scam.  ADOT is a HUGE racket.  They serve the Insurance lobby, that is for certain.  I believe that the software in that place is not random.  I believe certain people are given code license plates and ID numbers to facilitate government agendas.  I thought that concept was insane when I first heard it, but not so much now.  I also understand that we might already have RFID on our IDs or license plates to flag police cars against "problem" activism. 



Comment by stupid Amerkin
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When will the sheeple wake up to the reality that the DOT, (Department of Transportation is the biggest racketeering fraud operation in existence that has been defrauding the people for generations? THIS IS A PROVEN FACT!! We here in the state of Oregon, (one of the top corrupt states in the country) have been fighting this criminal organization for years.
After 15 years of intense research and investigation, Mr. Richard Koenig, (presently the top political prisoners here in Oregon, has connected all the dots and has enough evidence and proof to sink a battleship showing beyond a doubt the fraud and criminal operation of ODOT and the DMV, yet it’s still business as usual.

“When armed force compels compliance with mythical laws and money is demanded for its violation, power will corrupt and greed will never be satisfied.”
Richard L Koenig

Come and join us in our fight against these criminals and their empire of extortion under the color of law at  Not until the sheeple wake up will this corrupt justus system and policing for profit stop.

The entire foundation of our freedom rest upon the liberty of locomotion.
Since when has it been a privilege to go to the store to buy groceries for your family?
Since when has it been a privilege to go pick your children from school?
Since when has it been a privilege to go to the church of your choice?
Since when has it been a privilege to go to your government offices to address your grievances?

We have all systematically been conditioned to believe this fraud and accept the plundering, abuse and rape from these criminals in black robes, suits and ties hiding behind the guise of law and respectability. Then you have their drones with guns and badges who are mostly a brain dead generation that grew up with violent video games and watching SWAT movies who’s pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth. It’s like living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids.

"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic." --Dresden James

Nothing will ever change until the sleeple sheeple wake up to some reality of truth concerning our liberty of locomotion and the real criminal operation the DOT really is about.
Until then we will continue to be abused, harmed, threatened, plundered and even murdered by these drones with guns and badges under the color of law sanction with immunity to do what ever is necessary to keep the slaves dumbed down and in line.