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Understanding 'Atlantis' Blast

• arclein
From these signatures, the picture that emerges is of final, fatal spurts of magma injection which happened in the last decades -- maybe even just the final months -- before the great eruption.

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Comment by Anonymous
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More evidence of abuse of science for genetic fraud and religious caste systems is detailed out and explained as to why in my last comment under the "Ron Paul Exposed" article, just two comments before my last one I think under the freedom forum link where the beginning talks about how poor spelling does not make you an idiot, your genius may lie in other areas. 

 I only write this as an idealist who had always believed what I was told for the most part, because most of us can not fathom the lengths that evil will go for profit and social control.  I hope you will read it, as it is confirmed in scripture, and it is true, I have been doing my homework.  Not only that, but I have lived the experience.

Comment by Anonymous
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I can't help but notice that there is a lot of recent media hype about Atlantis, and other ancient civilizations.  I guess I am a bit of a skeptic as to why that is, as so many of these discoveries appear to be aimed at genetic profiling, or some kind of evidence to collect to create castes of humans by their DNA code.  For instance, I see a lot of things creeping up about RH- blood and oooh boy.  Talk about the variety of "rumors" of so-called science on the internet.  It just so happens I have it, but it was never important in circles or discussed unless I was in Mormon or Jewish circles.  (Where race, religion do rank people). 

 With a New World Order clearly in the making, it appears that science and "findings" such as this do have a direction for human flow.  It kind of makes me think of the 12 tribes of Israel.  With the Zionist movement, what will be done by the wealthy elites with respect to such caste systems that I do see being formed in its premature stages, whether using truth or fiction.  I mean, "Sea Gods"?  This again follows the theme of the 'Merovingian' of the 1980s BBC Holy Blood Holy Grail, a line of Sea God genetic disruption (which sounds ridiculous to me).  

Being from this defined "Merovingian" descent, Sinclair geneology and as a descendant of DaVinci Code's covert agenda with use of builder's Rosslyn Chapel as a supposed bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, I can not help but notice that there seems to be a lot of fraud and CIA mind control to help the Banksters establish "scientific" reasons to do things the way that they desire in the Zionist New World Order. 

If I have learned anything from working in law and politics, any study, outcome or claim can be bought and paid for, so I just don't trust what or how this agenda is going to be used.  Sea God?  Funny how my father, John Sinclair Dyer was an accomplished underwater photographer and has been assigned to certain work that the New World Order seems to be vested in like Stem Cell research, International photographic awards featured at the Chicago Shed Aquarium, and the Audobon society's park in Pasadena, self contained systems using recycled water and solar for its bird park.  And in particular, that they made the gates to the park, beautiful in design with MELTED DOWN GUNS.   (Starting early with forming childrens' minds to be anti-firearms).  My Dad pointed out how gay men would continually hookup illegally in the tree areas there... how they would leave evidence behind that it was actually pretty bizarre.  And you can't help but notice Hollywood's pushing gayness as in the open more than ever.

 Just know, it is very convoluted, but for my experience, and my fathers, there is a social agenda going on.  And when the CIA (Criminals In Action) are working with other intel agencies around the globe to facilitate bankster one world order agendas, I cannot help but KNOW, that there is much deceit underway.  We have some very perverse evil running the planet today.  Be careful what you buy into as truth.





Comment by PureTrust
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Wouldn't it be exciting if we found out that:

1. The Piri Reis map was put together by Piri Reis, himself, from first-hand, personal observation;
2. That at the time of Columbus there was little or no Antarctic ice cap;
3. That modern science has entirely missed a method of nature whereby nature can deposit multiple hundreds of feet thick ice on a land in a period of merely 100 or 200 years.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 sudden violent change  in the earth's past is the Velokofsky (sp) theory in AGE OF CHAO and WORLDS IN COLLISION of a near miss by a comet.  The biblical introduction of a rainbow suggests a preexistence of a perpetual cloud cover that was removed by heavy rainfall (from a supercooled comet near miss ?)  Professor Charles Hapgood in CHARTS OF THE ANCIENT SEA GODS analyze pre-Columbus maps showing the outline of the US and of Antartica. Bore holes confirmed the shoreline of Antartica that had previously assumed to be entirely ice as in the Anartic.  are they among us ???

Comment by PureTrust
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An overview point, here, is that there is a lot of planet geological activity that is going on all the time... activity that we know very little about most of the time.

Nations around the world have legends of a great flood that happened at about the same time as the flood recorded in the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Worldwide cataclysms that include large bodies of water that attempt to combine with large rivers of magma can produce very explosive results.

The point is this. Most of the modern dating of prehistoric periods is based on a relatively non-violent earth - an earth that has not had tremendously great upheavals. But huge amounts of evidence are surfacing that show that prehistoric earth HAS HAD gigantically great upheavals at times. Because of this, not only might our prehistoric calendar be way off, but the very nature of the earth's whole "terrarium" nature might be extremely different from what it was in the ancient past.

What I mean is, are there any other sources that claim, as does the Bible, that there wasn't any such thing as rain prior to the great flood? If the Bible is literally true in this one, little area, how enormously different must the whole nature of earth have been prior to the great flood!