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Ron Paul Speech in Golden Valley, MN - CNN - 2-7-12



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Comment by PureTrust
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You know? Many of the things that Ron Paul talks about, are things that might scare people if they are not said just the right way, or if the people do not understand the freedom points behind what he is saying.

I think that possibly the strongest message that RP should be making is, that the only thing that changes in all of Government is that FREEDOM is added.

What I mean, for example, is, are you a war monger? Or do you support war mongers? Or would you like to go out and destroy Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan or some other country? Well, go out and do it. But not at the expense of all the Americans that don't want it done. Not in the name of the United States of America except as a defense from aggressive attack by some foreign nation.

You are free to join with all the people who want to destroy some other nation, to pool your funds, to purchase war machines, and to go over there and fight. Just don't "steal" the possessions of those who don't agree with you, who are not on your side, who do not want to destroy nations, in your attempts to destroy other nations.

Another example. Do you like the idea of some form of Social Security/Medicare? Well, make it totally voluntary. Let those people who do not join you in some form of voluntary SS/M, simply die in the streets when the time comes that they need help. Why? Because they won't die in the streets. There are too many kind-hearted wealthy people who will care for them. Besides, don't we have all kinds of insurance right now? why do we need mandatory SS/M? There is no need for them. Do it freely, among yourselves, if that is what you want.

In other words, YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE, OR EXPECT TO BE, RECEIVING FROM GOVERNMENT. Simply do it in a voluntary fashion. Unite among yourselves for your support from withing your group, rather than trying to take it by force from those who don't believe the same way as you do.

What will your benefit be, in addition to receiving all your benefits? You will not be required to support programs that you do not believe in.

This should be one of Ron Paul's strongest message... NOTHING LOST, EVERYTHING GAINED.


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