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Tennessee police ignore pot at state official’s home

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Authorities in Tennessee are being accused of a coverup after marijuana was found at the house of a state official.

Tennessee police reportedly found marijuana in plain view when they entered the home of Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) Director Danielle Elks to check for intruders.

The commission is in charge of eradicating marijuana in the state in addition to regulating alcohol sales.


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Comment by Hawkeye
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 The other day I had a Dog Catcher try to tell me to move my car.He said the "Captain' said for him to tell me.When did  Dog Catchers start working for the Police?I sat there for awhile waiting for the "Captain" to show up.I did move but only because I had to be somewhere,not because the Dog Catcher told me to.

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Found marijuana in plain view of a state official?  OMG what is this world coming to? Life in prison.

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