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Picking The Perfect Hidden Retreat Location

Everyone knows the perfect location for family survival is the number one issue in being prepped.   How do I pick the perfect location should be the number one question in a prepper’s mind.  Many different survival instructors and writers have different ideas on locations and some even have scoring formulas to give your chance of survival.  I have a combined prospective on picking the perfect location from my military training and my working in the Third World as a trainer and combatant.  Let’s look at how I picked my location and facilities.  

First, one has to be aware of the most basic rule, which is [for a worst case societal collapse], “If my enemy can see me, hear me, or smell me, he will kill me.”.   That rule means the perfect location has to be well hidden and my facilities have to be exceptional in design.

The area you are going to call your world to watch and protect has to be large enough to produce your food.  That means, it has to have a garden area, livestock area and a human living area.  I chose an area large enough for seven families to work together as a group or unit.  To keep all the dwellings hidden and still grow in a secluded way, I picked 100 acres.  In picking this acreage, I looked at nine basic things to consider.