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I No Longer Want To “Restore The Constitution”

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It used to be that I was all fired up in support of “restoring the Constitution.” It wasn’t until I considered the philosophical arguments against constitutions in general that I came to realize that support for the US Constitution is like supporting your own enslavement.

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Comment by michaelsuede
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 It's time to abolish the coercively funded State and end the barbarism of violently funded government. THAT is what time it is.

Comment by PureTrust
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Seems to me that when the Constitution was put in place, something like a stronger central Government was needed. Then, after the Constitution worked for the people of that day, they didn't see any reason to change it. The Government back then only used it as it was supposed to be used.

A lot of things have happened since the Constitution was formulated. But people still need a guide to keep them in balance. Maybe it IS time for a major overhaul of the Constitution. Maybe it is time for the Constitutional interpretations and controls to be formally spread among the states, rather than just the members of the Federal Government. Maybe it is even time to abolish the Federal Government, and let the States do the whole operation between and among themselves.