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RAF helicopter death revelation leads to secret Iraq detention camp


On the evening of 11 April 2003, a pair of RAF CH47 Chinook helicopters swept over Iraq's western desert towards a remote rendezvous point beside Route 10, the highway that begins life on the outskirts of Baghdad before running for mile after mile towards the border with Jordan.

As they approached their destination, the crews assumed they were on an operation that would be uneventful. Two days earlier Saddam Hussein's statue had been toppled after American tanks rolled into the Iraqi capital; three weeks later George Bush would stand in front of a banner saying "mission accomplished".

The helicopter crews had been told that a number of detainees were under armed guard at the side of the highway. They were to pick them up after dark and take them to a prison camp. What followed was far from routine: before the night was out, one man had died on board one of the helicopters, allegedly beaten to death by RAF personnel.


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Comment by James17
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Finding out about those things done by the liberating forces against the Iraqi people get worse by the report. Outright murder, sex crimes, and then when being brought before a military court where they are set free with less then a slap on the wrist. - I for one would be alarmed that these same people are coming back to their respective countries to carry on so called normal lives. That can be doubted as we have already had proof of that from the high amount of Vietnam veterans that have committed suicide since the end of that war. Vietnam vets are not the only ones doing that. Look it up online. There is a site that mentions all those that have taken that route. Then there are family disruptions where the spouse does not feel safe around that returning vet or to have the children around a volatile person for fear of their lives. I wondered why a returning vet from Afghanistan would not talk about his experiences there with his family. Just what did he see that he could not talk about it, or is it, just what did he do that he could not bring himself to say he had committed murder or rape. Understanding that 1,700,000 Iraqi's died during that occupation, just whom are those that did that murder? Answer: They are the same ones that now have come back to the US/UK and else where and walk the streets around people that have no idea that a murderer is walking among them. The S is going to HTF in both the US and UK and guess whom it is that is going to follow orders and do murder and rape again on our own shores. It is not going to be someone from those countries bombed back into the stone age.

Comment by Anonymous
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Now if this isn't just blatant evidence of how our troops are there merely to serve the agendas OF ENEMIES... What more does one need to see? These poor soldiers are hijacked into evils in the name of "freeing" and "liberating" Iraq when again, the criminal elite/ royal family are using our forces, our FUNDING through the FED to create and strengthen OUR OWN DEMISE. I wondered how my cousin got his bronze star in Iraq. Now what he told me about the US building detention centers there makes a hell of a lot more sense. I just hope his bronze star keeps him safe while in Afghanistan. It would look pretty bad he said if something were to happen to him over there... 25 years of service and his wife and two children without their father is nothing to scoff at. We are financing evil!

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