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Freedom Watch has been cancelled!

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What an outrage. FOX has axed Judge Napolitano's show, and not for ratings reasons. But as much as we will all miss the greatest news and commentary show ever to appear on TV—this cretinous cancellation punishes the large audience most—there are more important things ahead for the Judge, and rightly so. In the meantime, read his books. (Thanks to Zach Kramer)

(Donna: This just makes it easier for the Judge to run as Ron Paul's Vice-Presidential candidate)

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Comment by Henryk Zaleski
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What a shame. He is a great voice of freedom. I hope this is not the end of his engagement with us. In the meantime, best of luck and we all hope to see you soon.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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More ways to save Freedom Watch:

Comment by Psychictaxi
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I just said the exact same thing over at Daily Paul!

I love you Lady! 

Comment by Alexander Victorio
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I dont own cable and I dont watch tv, but now I really dont have reason to buy cable.