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'Your Freedom Ends Tonight,' Grunts Shotgun-Wielding Police Goon in Houston

• Lew Rockwell blog
In medieval monarchies, canon were often inscribed with the legend ultima ratio regum ("the king's final argument") — a Latin phrase that means, essentially, "Submit, or I'll murder you." That would be a proper inscription for the shotgun wielded by this corpulent police goon in Houston as he threatened a group of loud but peaceful and unarmed demonstrators 

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Comment by PureTrust
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Once in awhile you hear about someone opening up on the police right now.

Where do most of the locals in the neighborhood where the violence is happening, stand? With the cops, or against them?

So far, almost 100% of the people have proven themselves peaceful by not acting violently against cops.

If violence breaks out against cops, it will be done by those who have been planning their self-protection. Why? Because almost everyone recognizes the strength and training that the police have.

In addition, what is right, on a local level? In the American Revolution, were the small handful of people who fronted the Revolution right? Or were the multitudes that sat back and watched right? Maybe they all were wrong. The use of superior force and strength does NOT make for righteousness... necessarily.

Lot's to think about here.

Comment by James17
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That day is near when someone from one of these crowds are going to open fire on the cops that are pushing their weight around and then bloodshed from both sides are going to happen. Are the police so foolish as to believe that they can make it out of such a volatile situation and not take causalities?

Comment by PureTrust
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What is this world coming to, when law enforcement can't feel safe out on the street ?!?!?!