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No Raw Milk for Your "Subterfuge" Food Club, Federal Judge Tells Members

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Judge Stengel gave no credence to the private contractual arrangement between Allgyer, Grassfed on the Hill food club, and a third organization, Right to Choose Healthy Food, which is run by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. At the time the injunction was requested, RTCHF had leased Allgyer's cows, and the members of Grassfed on the Hill were members of RTCHF, having signed individual agreements and paid annual dues. Members picked up their milk and other food from members who volunteered their homes as drop points.  

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Its a shame that our country of so-called "freedom" has now morphed into bootlegging raw milk! I would bet there is some good money in it as I am paying $10 a gallon to buy it legally from Queen Creek!