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Iran: More Jew-Annihilationist Jihad Rhetoric (and Jihad Taqiyya)


Reza Khalili reports the latest (ad nauseum) re-statement of the Iranian Shiite theocracy’s Jew-annihilationist jihadism (see my three-part series, “Jihad and Genocidal Islamic Antisemitism in Shiite Iran” [here, here, and here], and much more extensive material included in “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”)—putatively (and perversely) a “response” to Israel’s own planned efforts to thwart Iran’s longstanding, expressed genocidal desire to destroy the Jewish State and Zionists (i.e., non-dhimmi Jews) in general.

But as is their wont, and entirely consistent with their forbears, Iran’s Shiite theocrats manage to include some taqiyya (sacralized Islamic dissimulation) on the doctrine of offensive jihad in Shiite Islam. After all, how in fact did their lionized ancestors—beginning with Shah Ismail at the advent of the 16th century—justify the expansionist jihad campaigns which created the “Safavid Empire”, as well as the maintenance of this imperialistic aggressiveness during the subsequent Qajar dynasty (i.e., into the early 20th century)?