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Mike Huckabee this morning at CPAC unwittingly provided the perfect metaphor for the problem with po

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Mike Huckabee opened the Friday session of CPAC with a statement, intentional or unintentional, that provided a perfect metaphor for the problem with politics during a dangerous time! Primarily at the podium to speak to the issue of abortion, Mike Huckabee opened with statement that I loosely quote here that in my mind provided a metaphor for one of the problems facing the American people heading into the 2012 presidential election! The former governor of Arkansas said this: "The organizers of CPAC might not like me saying this, but I don't care! I'm not running for anything so I can say any darn thing I want." It was not meant to be anything more than a joke to engage with the crowd, but in those two sentences Huckabee described the innate problem voters have in trying to parse, learn and understand what it is that a candidate stands for. For isn't the only way to make an informed decision to truly understand what a candidate actually stands for...