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Help Ed Vallejo get to DC for the Veterans for Ron Paul march on Feb 20th


Hi, my name is Ed Vallejo and this is my video promoting Adam Kokesh and his RON PAUL IS THE CHOICE OF THE TROOPS March on the White House February 20th, 2012.

I am an Honorably Discharged United States Army Signal Corps Honor Graduate, and I served as the RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) for the 36th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

I am also the Orgainzer of the Phoenix Ron Paul for President MeetUp Group - the first of it's kind. I have been supporting Dr. Paul for going on five years now. I was the Marshal at the Starting Point for the R3VOLUTION MARCH in 2008. I gave up being an Libertarian Party Arizona Delegate (for the third time) and running for a seat on the Libertarian National Committee (for the second time) to switch parties to Republican, and become a GOP Precinct Committeeman to support Cpt. Paul to the hilt.

I quit my job years ago (to the consternation of my Beloved Wife - who now pays the rent) so that I could devote my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to turning this Country around, and truly making a difference. I went through my inheritance when my Decorated Korean War Veteran Father passed away during the last Campaign, and am currently about $3K in debt, so making the trip to DC at this time isn't possible.


Adam said to make a video because there was a **Contest** with a $1000 First and a $500 second prize.

Here's my entry.

Please help me make it to DC to stand tall with my Brothers in support of the ONLY man I see that has the OPPORTUNITY to help restore our Grand Republic to the Bastion of Freedom we know is possible.

Thank you, and may God Bless us all.


PFC Vallejo

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