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Was there any discussion at CPAC about Islamic or Sharia Law in America?

• The Political Commentator
Only in a panel discussion organized by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch! I first met Geller and Spencer in person February 2011 at the New York screening of the movie that they produced, "The Ground Zero Mosque," shortly after it had premiered at CPAC 2011. This is the way that I had described it at the time: "... Predictably, like most every topic of critical importance that contains controversial content and what may be considered by some to be politically incorrect views, an attempt was made to dilute the message brought to CPAC by Geller/Spencer..." At CPAC 2012 the Geller/Spencer tandem were still not favorite sons of event organizers, and yet this critical story that they and their fellow panelists told of the creeping of Sharia and Islamic Law into American society drew a standing-room-only audience with more than one standing ovation. Nowhere else at CPAC did this issue of Islamic Law in America, so critical to the national security

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