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Ron Paul and the Youth Revolution

254. Ron Paul and the Youth Revolution

Ron Paul talks to Lew Rockwell about who’s resisting the wars, the executive dictatorship, and the fed.

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Yes, I see that too.  You know I learned from someone I met for coffee once, that, the CIA is about studying control groups, this guy was a videographer for Wacco.  I had never considered the CIA as forming false flags, creating hate groups, or cults for that matter (basically to incite wars for profit, etc.).    But with psy-ops technology of today, nothing would surprise me.  

Because there is power in numbers, and the Muslims are pretty high in numbers, the Vatican and Mormon churches being the richest and largest more powerful ones, amazingly mirror Muslim traditions (like the nuns wearing what they do, the beads, the chanting) and even the polygamy, female oppression (although Mormon women will not concede that, it is unrighteous to feel oppressed-believe me, they are coached and practiced in covering feelings of being oppressed).  They have to some how divide us all in chaos and fear while forcing a one-world government/banking empire.

These religions that oppress the feminine are able to automatically consider more than half of the population as controlled by female subversion across cultures.  Amazingly American Express being one of the Illuminati fronts, they are very good to advance women, particularly women of color.  I was told in politics (when working in the private lobby) that the best way to hide racist or sexist discrimination is to hire a black woman for a high position.  Is that sick thinking or what? 

What I am anticipating though is.... the fact that the elites in charge rely on astrology, anything occult.  With the arrival of the Aquarian age, the feminine is going to be paramount to them.  It will be interesting to see how they socially manipulate that very important aspect towards the masses.  I think it is the New Age movement, including increasing recent popular focus on Mary Magdalene that will call for those of us who are awakening to forgive their crimes.




Comment by PureTrust
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Possibly, Ron Paul is simply, and accidentally, using and transferring Muslim brainwashing of our kids, to his campaign. It seems that there is a Muslim plot in the works, that has been there for a long time, that has worked in our schools to create unrest among children with regard to America.

If what is in the video link below is true, America is lost in the future, via Muslim brainwashing that is happening now. You be the judge.,AAAACEco_Vk~,9bOat4XcfB_88ri1a3UMdKnLpH9aM8Fv&bclid=0&bctid=1271237687001

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