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CPAC Straw Poll speaks with an extremely muddled voice!

• The Political Commentator
The results of the CPAC Straw Poll settles nothing! Back at the end of January I had opined that the two front-running Republican candidates were basically cannibalizing each other while at the same time providing a weak and ineffectual incumbent President the opportunity to at the very least do his best imitation of appearing presidential. It was an unfortunate truth that even in the best of times, Romney and Gingrich presented Party faithful and Independents alike a difficult choice given two very flawed candidates. That was then! Fast forward to CPAC where instead the two favorite sons are Romney and Santorum! What a difference a week or so made with Rick Santorum leapfrogging over Newt Gingrich into the second place spot for the Republican Party nomination. Nevertheless, moving through the three days of CPAC little new clarity was provided by the candidates who made an appearance. Each gave a speech laced with political rhetoric that was crafted to put their be