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The Unanswered Questions Surrounding the “Contraception Debate”

• Free Patriot Press
From the time the law known as Obamacare was introduced in 2009, there has been some debate over the federal mandate that individuals must own a health insurance policy that has federal approval. More recently the debate has centered around a provision mandating employers not only provide health insurance for their employees, but that employers must provide health insurance that covers contraception and abortifacient coverage. However, like almost all debates in this country, only two sides being discussed. Darian Worden at the Center for a Stateless Society writes, few people ask: “Why is it considered normal for your boss to determine your healthcare options in the first place? “Relying on employers for healthcare means the company has more leverage over the worker... this can mean an extension of the boss’s control outside of work hours.” But, how did we get to this point? What happened to the free market? It could be argued that a true free market never existed, though