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Drones Will Be Admitted to Standard US Airspace By 2015


The skies are going to look very different pretty soon, and it’s been a long time coming. Congress finally passed a spending bill for the Federal Aviation Administration, allocating $63.4 billion for modernizing the country’s air traffic control systems and expanding airspace for unmanned planes within three and a half years.

By Sept. 30, 2015, drones will have to have access to U.S. airspace that is currently reserved for piloted aircraft. This applies to military, commercial and privately owned drones — so it could mean a major increase in unmanned aircraft winging through our airspace. That’s airspace to be shared with airliners, cargo planes and small private aircraft.
As it is now, drones can only use some pieces of military airspace and they can patrol the nation’s borders. Some 300 public agencies can also use drones, according to the AP, but they must be at low altitudes and away from airports.