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What Happened Yesterday When Mitt Romney Showed Up in Arizona?

• Ed Vallejo/Daily Paul

The R3VOLUTION in Phoenix HAD to show our support for 'The People's Candidate'!

And here's the video!

We covered the entrance and handed out the SuperBrochure to all that would take it.

The measure of popularity by cars honking was exceptional! We also kept having RP supporters stopping and parking and asking us "Is Ron here now!?!" and we clued them in to the Debate being held here on the 22nd, and had them join our MeetUp group.

Working on the video now - will post in the comments section when uploaded.

I also found out Rick Santorum comes here next week for a luncheon - and it's being held a mile from my house...

God is good to us in that he gives us plenty of opportunity, BUT WE MUST CARRY OUT THE WORK.

Ed in Phoenix

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Comment by Adam Liberty
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This was at the same event yesterday. A Ron Paul supporter getting arrested for no reason!

Comment by Hawkeye
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The News Whore showed One Paul supporter with a sign,and one being arrested.Ron Paul supporter were all over the place..the news channel,and that two bit news whore are two more communist pieces of puss licking dung.