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Oliver Stone's son converts to Islam in Iran


US filmmaker Sean Stone, son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam on Tuesday in Iran, where he is making a documentary, he told AFP.

"The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets," he said in a brief telephone call from the central Iranian city of Isfahan, where he underwent the ceremony.

Sean Stone's famous father is Jewish, while his mother is Christian.

The 27-year-old filmmaker did not say why he converted.

According to Iran's Fars news agency, Sean Stone had become a Shiite and had chosen to be known by the Muslim first name Ali.


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Comment by James17
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Another thing. Notice the design on his shirt. Looks like an illuminati symbol to me. If that is so, no wonder he could not think straight.  

Comment by James17
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"Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with." - No, he was not born with Christianity. That is something a person must except to be called a Christian. - I know that he is not going to be reading this or even caring what others might have to say about this conversion. The outcome of his decision will be told in the future when all men face that day of death.