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On The Dresden Bombing Anniversary, 13,000 People Formed A Human Chain To Block A Neo-Nazi March

67 years ago today the allies devastated the German city of Dresden with a bombing campaign that took 25,000 lives — just a few months before the end of World War II.

Last night the city, the Local reports, thousands took to the streets to commemorate the bombing.

But there was also another reason so many came out. To block an annual neo-Nazi march that takes place on that day.

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Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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We would do well to remember that WW II was started over a pact with England and France to protect Poland from German invasion.  At the same time, there was nothing said about the Russian invasion of Poland and what happened to Poland at the end of WW II, if I am not mistaken it was ceded to Russia and FDR's and Churchill's good friend Joe.

Churchill had decided early on in the war that the only way England could defeat Germany was through area bombing, devastating the cities and attacking the civilian populace.  I think that you will find the real reason for the bombing of Dresden was for the allies to show our good friend Joe that we could be just as ruthless and uncaring toward civilians as were the Russians under Stalin's leadership and what we gave away to the Russians post WW II shortly led to the "cold war" with Russia, at which time the US which had thoroughly hated Germany once again had to accept them on friendly terms in order to offset communist advances into Western Europe.  This is to say nothing of the fears, because of Germany's quickly rising economic posture was seen as a threat to the British Empire.  "Oh, what a tangled web we weave".