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★Drudge: Time to Take Down Santorum's Disguise


SOURCE-- Red State: "What A Big Government Conservative Looks Like"
**Links with actual bills and dates**

I'm not going to personally attack Rick Santorum or his wife who opted to sue her chiropractor for $500,000 because she "gained weight".
Senator Santorum was stumping for a $250,000 cap on medical malpractice suits. She settled for $350,000 reportedly.
It's no secret Santorum is a serial hypocrite.

"Do as I say, not as I did"

But Santorum's voting record is overwhelmingly inconsistent with the campaign propaganda that comes out of his mouth.
He is not remotely a conservative or a defender of freedom. He is a big government, "Show-me-the-money" LOBBYIST. Period. End of story.

Defense and Foreign Policy

Voted for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).
Voted against requiring the President to certify that the CWC is effectively verifiable.
Voted against requiring the President to certify that that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea, China, and all other countries determined to be state sponsors of terror have joined CWC prior to submitting the instrument of ratification.
Voted for the START II Treaty
Voted to allow the sale of supercomputers to China.
Voted to ban antipersonnel landmines