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Ron Paul Wins Maine

A voter advocacy group tallies votes from eye witnesses to the Maine caucus that results in Ron Paul winning with 43%, Mitt Romney 32%, Rick Sanatorium 19%, and Newt 5%.  

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Comment by PureTrust
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I wonder if "they" would let RP take office if he DID win the Presidency outright?

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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WatchTheVote2012 Admin denied this posting that Ron Paul won Maine. It was posted only on this website, nowhere else. It was a propaganda lie posted by followers so desperate to see Paul win a single GOP caucus. He can never win no matter how much he tries. GOP sees to it that it should remain that way, until he drops out. Anyway, in any event an announcement is made that Ron Paul won any caucus or primary, you can be 100% sure that such announcement is fraudulent. JV

Comment by Jefftrey Liberty
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WatchTheVote2012 CLARIFICATION - 

I am an admin with watchthevote2012 and wanted to clarify that our results are only partial and can be used only against GOP reported results to show differences in the reported counts from the eye witnessed accounts by monitors at some caucuses.

 We have not determined any winner especially since there are precincts that are missing and some that have not yet voted.

 Whomever made this post may be correct that Ron Paul is the winner but this is not currently the position of WatchTheVote2012 as of 1:00am EST Feb 16th, 2012.

This further proves the utter importance of monitoring the votes IN THE PRECINCTS themselves and reporting them to sources which will post them immediately to the internet. It is also essential that you DOCUMENT the vote using cameras to take pictures or video of the tally results and signed tally sheets.


Comment by PureTrust
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Wow! And if Washington county had been allowed to vote, Ron Paul's win would have been even greater!

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