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US militia 'set for war on the anti-Christ and government'

• Meghana Keshavan
A militia group in the US planned to "go to war" against the government with assault rifles and homemade bombs and dressed in military style helmets, a court heard today.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Hey, Chip, personally I don't think that it is only 4 aliases.

Besides, they/it don't/doesn't understand that people who look like, or even suggest that, they hate Government, usually only hate the problems that crooks in Government make for all people. Sometimes so-called Government haters might happen to hate a particular Government official. But when they do, it is usually NOT because they are hateful people. Most of the time it is because they have been hurt by the particular Government official they hate.

In these last few years, much of the hate has been increasing. Why? Because more and more Government officials have acted more blatantly and directly against freedom. And when they do that, they are acting against their Oath of Office, thereby becoming crooks and criminals in the Government.

However, some of the activities that Government officials do, actually hinder criminally activity both within and outside of Government. When this happens, a lot of the "good" Government haters are left in a quandary... a bit mixed up about when to hate and when not to. And they have good reason to be. Why? When a Government official actually brings about some real justice or freedom, it is usually that he is simply fighting to gain more money or influence or control for himself. And the crooks and criminals that he hinders, just happened to be in the way of his own greedy plans. So the Government haters get a bit mixed up not realizing what is going on behind the scenes.

Now, there are a lot of people in general, and even commenters on FP, who don't really understand that this criminal mentality is what is in the hearts of most people in Congress. So they try to down-play those who do understand, with terms like "Government haters."

More and more I am beginning to think that those anti-freedom commenters, the ones against those they continually call Government haters, are the REAL Government haters. I'm beginning to see a pattern of how they would uphold a corrupt Government (which is a wrong Government), and corrupt Government officials (who are BAD Government officials), rather than work to get rid of the corruption and turn the Government into something honest again. So, by upholding a bad, wrong Government, they are acting as though they hate an honest, good Government. They are showing themselves to be the REAL Government haters.

Everybody knows what to do when you want to take the heat off yourself. Point the finger at someone else, especially someone who seems to look a little like you, even if he is inwardly just the opposite of you.

So we see, now, how this commenter with all the aliases is the real Government hater.

Comment by panocha
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It is a cheap dig for "Chip Saunders" to accuse anyone writing a comment as one person writing several comments under different names. It is moronic to invent such accusations aside from the fact that he only insults and does not or cannot argue issues raised.

I am new to this Forum, but I observed that 9 out of 10 using the same angry fractured English, including Editor Gammill, attack the Government with the same degree of contempt and bitterness. These attacks are written in similar sentences with the same syntax -- does it mean then that all these hate and anti-Government attacks, are written by only one person … "Chip Saunders", under different names?

On the other hand, the policy of this website which Editor Gammill is supposed to enforce, is for members to use a User Name -- an "alias" -- in the discussion of issues in the Forum. Is "Chip Saunders" questioning this policy, when he is supposed to honor and abide by it, aside from enforcing it?

Comment by brag
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Hey, you with a Chip on your shoulder, how many names did you use in this website as a disguised member of a psychotic "Militia" hating and fighting the Government? Aside from a pattern of neurosis that shows in your writing, your underground kindergaten English gives away your real identity to Homeland Security. And your DNA is in your saliva when you badmouth. No matter how you hide under different names, pretty soon SWAT will knock at your door and bye bye to you.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Now this is cute. One guy (for whom English is obviously only a second language) posts as 4 different people, trying to give the impression that his view is a dominant one.


Whatever your name really is,...try using proper syntax, and you won't give yourself away so easily.

Comment by panocha
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I like that part where Editor Gammill published an American Flag and labeled it "My country", and at the bottom he wrote "My Ass". He is a type of a macho guy that attracts scheming bitches to marry, and get rid of for life insurance purposes. I just switched of my TV after viewing Lester’s creepy Dateline ID, an account of hate and murder for profit.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Brag, you got me a bleeding heart. By putting your life on the line, you men and women in uniform are still the source of my greatest pride, the eternal fire of my love of this greatest nation on the planet.

I really feel sad that you don’t only have to stand up and risk your life against external aggression but you also have to fight a militia who call themselves "patriots", mostly with psychotic disorder [see the title of this article].

You and the other commentator talked about the oddity of this website. The rallying cliché of this website reads "Uncovering the Secrets & exposing the lies". It is here where anybody – even those with "mental illness" -- can indulge in "Reigniting the Flames of Freedom". Maybe editor Powell Gammill is literally carrying out these clichés a little bit too far.

For instance, it is a bit too far when "exposing the lies", editor Gammill creates them out of anger when there are none. He will create them out of the truth that disagrees with what he believes and therefore hates it that much to lie. As a result, the "Secrets" you will discover in this website is how the "truth" can be re-invented to suit his editorial preference, in pursuit of some kind of Libertarian ideology in extremis that runs far to the left.

This is how I can help you understand where the source of your discomfort is coming from.

Comment by brag
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You must know that the editor who runs this website hates People and detest the thought of Government, kicks like an angry mule as if the Government is giving him a bad beat. People is "property" of the Government, that he hates most everybody for not sharing his anti-Government feeling. In Britain Shouldn’t Aid a Lawless America that he reported [you can see this in this page], he put a picture of the American Flag and said "My Country", and below he wrote "My Ass".

When you say "WOW, you guys at freedoms phoenix will publish just about anything. huh?" , you haven’t seen anything yet. "Anything" is an understatement. If you have anything against the Government, you are in the right place – anything at all coming from the angry "lunatic fringe". I served this country as a military officer. I risked my whole life for this bunch of "patriots". Six feet below the ground are my buddies in arms who are probably stirring in their final resting place in protest that what they died for had gone to waste.


Comment by MadJoker
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WOW, you guys at freedoms phoenix will publish just about anything. huh?