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Farmer ordered to stop interstate sales of raw milk

• By Michael Hinkelman
A federal district judge here has found that a Lancaster County farmer violated federal law and ordered him to stop distributing unpasteurized, or raw, milk across state lines.

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Comment by Venancio Tan
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Finally, by the order of the court, Ron Paul’s "freedom" to drink raw milk and with it the "liberty" to spread an epidemic of Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria turned out to be pure crap. Now the people, mostly rural folks, have their real freedom to live free of diseases that Ron Paul’s weird "freedom" to drink milk brings.

Record would show that I was the only lone voice in this forum when Ron Paul first started his out-of-this-world campaign to induce people to drink dangerous, bacteria-laden unpasteurized raw milk as their "liberty" and "freedom" of choice of what to eat and drink.

It shocked me to learn then that this politician didn’t care for the endangered health of the people, and didn’t give a damn for their safety when he was gibberish in front of the camera. He enjoyed the publicity while FDA and FBI agents raided the Amish farm that profited from distributing raw milk. He condemned those raids as acts of a tyrant Government, and got a standing ovation from terrorists, terrorist sympathizers and those who hate the Federal Government, right here in this website!

Records also showed that many have died of the bacteria-caused diseases by drinking raw milk. The bacteria in raw milk is worse than poison when people drink it. It could kill the whole community when the disease turns into an epidemic. And here is a politician recommending to drink "poison" so to speak, mostly to the rural folks who are, by their level of education, less sophisticated any rogue politician could take advantage of, in the name of "liberty" and "freedom" from the "lunatic fringe" [New Hampshire newspaper’s description of Ron Paul not as a person but as a politician -- not mine].

Comment by PureTrust
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Have you ever noticed that if Government wants to do something, they just do it? They don't threaten someone with bogus court orders. There is more to this than meets the eye, or else Government would have simply stepped in with SWAT and murdered someone.

If you transport your comb in you pocket across state lines, there is nothing illegal about that. If you have some raw milk that belongs to you, and you carry it across state lines, there is nothing wrong with that. Neither is there anything wrong if you sell your own personal property in some other state.

There are 3 basic areas that you need to watch out for:

1. Some states have laws regarding carrying certain items across state lines. Mostly, these have to do with carrying contaminated fruit and vegetables from one state to another, a thing that might potentially bring certain kinds of fruit or vegetable "bugs" into a state from another state. With transportation the way it is today, and with the amount of movement that there is among the people from state to state, such laws as these are entirely useless.

2. If you own an item, and you give it to someone else to carry across state lines for pay, you have entered into interstate commerce. If you do this, you fall into Federal legal areas where you can be ordered, legally, by Government to do all sorts of things. Mostly, this type of thing applies to truckers.

3. If you stand inside one state, or if you stand over the state line with one foot in one state and the other foot in the other state, and you sell a product to someone in a different state than you are entirely in, you might have opened yourself up for some kind of judicial interpretation that could claim you are in interstate commerce.

Forming a club that has to do with joint ownership of products, might just muddy the waters enough so that a judge can make trouble for you.

The best thing to do is to simply own the product outright, carry it across the state line entirely under your ownership, carry it across the line without using a state licensed vehicle such as a car or truck, and then sell it once you are in the other state. If it is more bulk than you can carry, use your heavy-duty bicycle, or use an unlicensed horse and buggy.

Another thing to watch out for is where you sell your product. Make sure your sale is done on private property that is not under mortgage... perhaps the property of the person to whom you are making the sale.

Keep the whole "interstate" process as absolutely simple as possible, so that there are no hidden hidden things that can break a law in some way that you don't expect.

One final thing. Whatever agreement you make regarding a sale, the handling of property, the transferring of property, make you agreement formal - not necessarily written - but absolutely formal, with formal details in it. Why? Look up the word "constructive" in the various law dictionaries and encyclopedias. If your agreement is not formal, it is or can become constructive any time that a judge wants. And this means that the judge becomes the overseer of the agreement. Do you want this?