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Amish farmer targeted by FDA raids shuts down raw milk business

• By James Eng,
An Amish man who was targeted by federal officials for selling raw milk across state lines – and whose cause was championed by GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul – has shut down his dairy farm.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Does anybody know of a case where a farmer's farm lay across the border between two states? The barn was in one state, very near the border. The pasture and grazing land was in the other state, across the border from the barn.

Couldn't you see the farm being shut down because the farmer was transporting raw milk across the border a couple times a day? He was transporting it inside his cows who were coming in for milking twice a day.

Comment by panocha
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Brag, you "expect more Government raids." Actualy, expect more flying kicks from Ron Paul supporters "hurt" by this court decision when their "idol’s" liberty and freedom to drink raw milk was legally thrown into the dumpsite as pure garbage. But not to worry …we outnumbered them. Doing a little this and that, I discovered that those pro-Paul articles and comments supporting Ron Paul are written only by one person, aided by a couple or so of rabid anti-Government accomplices. Notice that they are birds of different names and colors singing the same Government-funeral song. What gave them away is their subversive way of using a short, halting broken English attributed to blinding hatred, spewing the same intensity of Government contempt that does not vary at all. I am sure Homeland Security took a clue out of this pattern, and may pick them up anytime of the day.

Comment by brag
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We in the military are fighting all forms of terrorism as well as exposing and defeating those many faces of terrorism. Deceiving the population into believing it is okay to drink raw milk and spread an epidemic is a bacteriological weapon of mass destruction terrorists will not hesitate to use. But terrorists can keep out of it and just lie low because this Congressman from Texas is already doing it for them, in his obviously screwed up campaign for the people’s "liberty and freedom". This triumph of the FDA in the court of law in the struggle to protect the people against terrorist activities means that we are winning this war on terror.

I expect more Government raids to come … to protect us from all forms of terrorism, including those coming from politicians like Ron Paul and his supporters who should know better.

As expected, terrorist and terrorist sympathizers call those raids inhuman. That means they are hurt, they are losing, and we are winning. FDA deserves Laurels of Victory, and Medals of Honor go to those brave government agents who successfully conducted the raids.


Comment by Hawkeye
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Those "Agents" are not Human....If one of them is your father,mother,or,a family member I advise that you run away from home in fear of becoming one just like them...You Father is a low life piece of puss licking scum...and you Mother is it is one of them.

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