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The Illegals: Another Angle

• by Fred Reed
From many Americans, though from fewer who have any idea what they are talking about, you could get the idea that illegal immigrants are brown sludge, the lazy and shiftless, the least intelligent of their countries, those unable or unwilling to make

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Comment by James17
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Understandable article. These people are being exploited just the same by those who control DC. One of the reasons for allowing the border to remain open for 20 + million to have crossed into the US, having two, three or more children are to bring this nation to its knees, unable to raise itself again and bringing on that desired North American Union. The UN is working hard to do away with the US Constitution and they have already did away with the Bill of Rights. You may have thought that came out of Washington, but a closer look would show that it follows that plan of the UN to do away with US citizen rights in favor of a one world constitution. Breaking the backs of those nations to the South has been going on through the US inner government within the seen government since before any one of us were even born. Those people doing this have passed their intended goal of world domination from one generation to the next for over a century now. These poor people risking life and all that they have to better their lives and that of their families are just pones being used to destroy this nation in a slow kill manner. If these people were to see the hell coming on the scene here now in the United States and wanted to leave, there is a very good chance that they would have to return the same way they came, unable to cross the border with a passport. That lock down occurring in the states are seen everyday when you go to an airport to fly in country or out. No one is going to be allowed to leave here shortly. Something big is coming this way, and what that is I don't know, but I ask why did they open the FEMA camps and get them staffed with X-military if there are not plans to have another false flags occur here on US soil? Even if those people that have come to the states walking over the border in unsecured areas attempt to go that route again, there is a high possibility that the desire to fill the US skies with 30,000 drones is to keep people from fleeing this nation for hoped for safety in the nations to the South. Whether good people seeking rescue for their families or criminals fleeing their old county, or those wanting to get into the US with the intent to do harm someday, we are all going to have to learn to live with each other when that SHTF. It won't be easy, and I doubt millions could get along with each other when trouble is running rampant, so I ask, is it designed to be this way? Answer: Yes.