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Food Project Proposes Matrix-Style Vertical Chicken Farms

• By Olivia Solon
Architecture student André Ford has proposed a new system for the mass production of chickens that removes the birds’ cerebral cortex so that they don’t experience the horrors of being packed together tightly in vertical farms.

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Comment by Anonymous
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James, you always seemed so humane... until this posting... What is up?  Perhaps you are being a smartarse....  I really don't know for sure.

Comment by brag
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Not when the chickens scratch the ground, found you first and pick you up like worms. Like worms, chickens always look at you as food -- for thought.

Comment by James17
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Worthless eaters all of you. Your day is coming when we, the illuminati elites, will do away with all of you in the same manner as these chickens. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will kill you all.