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Obama proposes bringing jobs home from overseas. Would his plan work?

• By Mark Trumbull
President Obama used a Milwaukee factory Wednesday as the venue to amplify his call for the US to create more manufacturing jobs – including by enticing companies to move jobs back to the US from overseas.

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Comment by James17
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This buffoon does not care about bringing jobs back to this country if he could have thought of doing this three years ago. Even with tax breaks, who wants to spend money to get a factory going again in the US and have further taxation happening further down the road? He is using this idea to look 'cool' to the public that needs jobs and 'caring'. It's too late president O. We don't want you around for another four years.

Comment by PureTrust
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Seems to me that the plan is similar to what the Constitution calls for - export/import excise taxes. Bit it won't work. Why not? Because the plan needs to completely drop the income tax, with a contractual commitment to not re-activate it, or anything like it. Only then will the plan have a chance of working.

You can fool all of the business people some of the time. And you can fool some of the business people all of the time. But you can't fool all of the business people all of the time. Plan won't work.