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To own a gun or not to own a gun?

• The Political Commentator
Over time this is becoming an extremely relevant question! As the economy stagnates, unemployment remains stubbornly high and prices for the staples necessary to feed your family and heat your home continue to rise, the desperation and angst in society begins to become palpable. What brings me to reach this somewhat obvious conclusion? Anecdotal evidence or maybe the fact that a neighborhood not very far from mine in both geographic and socioeconomic terms has had ten home robberies over the past month. The perpetrators have not been caught so determining the exact reasons for why the crimes were committed or the neighborhood selected cannot be determined. Were they looking for prescription medicine to feed a habit? Material goods to sell on the street for drugs? Was it just for kicks, the thrill or the adrenaline rush? Or was it to steal something, anything that could be sold in order to get food to feed their hungry family? Whatever the reason, what is know

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