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Gold Standard Good? ... or Another Power Elite Meme?

• by Staff Report

Let's return to the gold standard ... It might be said that a simpler approach than Mr. Lehrman's might be the most likely way to get back to a gold standard. The Ron Paul strategy is more direct, but at the same time more subtle. In early 2011, the Texas Congressman introduced H.R. 1098, a refreshingly short (three pages) bill which he called "The Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011." It would repeal the legal tender laws of the United State Code which give the Federal Reserve a legal monopoly on money creation. – American Spectator

Dominant Social Theme: A gold standard is good! Let's build another Bretton Woods?

Free-Market Analysis: The American Spectator, an often truculent, right-wing publication that sees American enemies everywhere in the world, is out with an article on an impending return of a gold standard. (See excerpt above.)