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Can anyone find where to purchase this movie, 'An Unlikely Weapon', (2008)?

In 1968, in 1/500th of a second Eddie Adams photographed a Saigon police chief, General Nygoc Loan, shooting a Vietcong guerrilla point black. Some say that photograph ended the Vietnam war. The photo brought Eddie fame and a Pulitzer, but Eddie was haunted by the man he had vilified. He would say, "Two lives were destroyed that day, the victim's and the general." Other's would say three lives were destroyed. Eddie Adams, like most artists, was tortured by his need for perfection. Nothing he did ever satisfied him. He carved out many careers shooting covers for Life, Time, and even Penthouse. Yet, somehow, he was always pulled back into documenting wars, 13 all together. Finally he hit the wall and couldn't take it anymore. He began shooting celebrities because "It doesn't take anything from you." Eddie was comfortable with kings and coal miners. During his time with Parade magazines he photographed Clint Eastwood... Written by Isaac Hagy  
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An Unlikely Weapon narrated by Kiefer Sutherland (trailer):
The photo below is the cover of February's edition of the Freedom's Phoenix e-Zine:
We have a large banner that we sent to Liberty Forum this past week, but are going to have another large banner done with the above cover to replace that one for use at the GOP Debate in Mesa, AZ on Feb 22nd, 2012. The graphics person who is making the banner (Art Jackson of Techniprint - Phoenix, AZ) noticed the pictures in the banner and suggested the movie, 'An Unlikely Weapon' as it had a lot of the same graphics in it and provided the same theme.
We want to purchase the move but cannot find where to do so, so if you know where we can get a copy, please send and email to:

Thank you...

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It looks like it's available through NetFlix: 

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