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Never-Before-Seen Film Of Scientists Constructing The Atomic Bomb

• Dina Spector
 During World War II, the nation's top scientists convened at a classified laboratory in the remote town of Los Alamos, New Mexico to develop the first nuclear weapons.

Although many details of the Manhattan Project remain secret, The Los Alamos National Laboratory has compiled rare footage of life in Los Alamos after it was acquired by the U.S. Army as the headquarters for the construction of the atomic bomb in 1943.

"The personal of the story has rarely been told. It's always about building bombs, and time-tables and budgets and everything else. To look at this film and see all of these great scientists skiing and so on, really brings the human story to life," LANL historian Alan Carr told us.

You can watch parts of the video at Albuquerque's KOAT Channel 7 or check out our slideshow version.