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This Is The Face Of Someone Who Doesn't Give A $%&

• Joe Weisenthal

Remember when Tim Geithner came to DC a few years ago?

He was a pile of nerves. He never inspired much confidence.

It was awkward listening to him explain the bailouts and the administration's various actions.

Now look at Tim Geithner

There are two, maybe three things going on here.

One is that Geithner knows his job is almost over. He'll be gone after the election—full stop. He can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Two is that Geithner has just gotten better at talking. We noted last September how much better Geithner was sounding.

And three, Geithner maybe feels like the administration is winning. The economy is improving. Administration ratings are going up, and so on. Finally, he's feeling good.

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