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Thoughts: Presidents Day and libertarian statists

• Christine Smith
When I was a minarchist, I’d often get the question posed of who did I think was the most libertarian president(s)?

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Comment by McElchap
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Christine!  You could have at least given an honorable mention to Thomas Jefferson. As a Christian libertarian, Jefferson is the Founding Father most influencing me. He was a freedom fighter and a free thinker. He was not perfect, but he was noble. None of the founders should be put on a pedestal for worship. They were all mortal men given to the same sins such as plague all of humanity. But we can remember what they did for the common good, and I do think we Americans all owe a debt of gratitude to Jefferson, who said he thought there should be a revolution every twenty years or so. We are long overdue for a revolution now. Live free or die trying!