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The FBI has uncovered another FBI-created terrorist plot in the DC Area today, this time ending with

The FBI has uncovered another FBI-created terrorist plot in the DC Area today, this time ending with the arrest of an unnamed Moroccan-American in his 30′s, apparently the only non-FBI agent in the entire scheme. The FBI says the operation was a “lengthy and extensive” one, and their agents pretended to be members of al-Qaeda, furnishing the arrested man with a phony suicide vest they had created and told him to attack Capitol Hill with it. After receiving the FBI-created non-explosive vest, the man went to a local mosque to pray, and was arrested shortly thereafter on Constitution Avenue, not far from the Capitol building. The FBI insisted that Congressmen were never in any danger from the manufactured plot, assuring everyone that it was “all very controlled.” Arrests in such “attacks” are fairly common. The FBI approaching someone, usually after an offhand comment made on Facebook, and then giving them fake explosives before arresting them, seems to be standard operati

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These are all set ups for that Big One that 'will slip by'. There may be the MSM lying about Iran in every newscast although there are high profile politicians telling the public that Iran is not a threat. But then there are those that will do anything to continue the Middle East wars for profit. Not one of those people that push for war are the ones going out and doing the dirty work. Those people are your children, friends and neighbors that will do anything for a paycheck, the world be damned as long as I get paid for what I do. Call what you have seen here as conditioning the public to accept the lies that will be told when something does happen. Something bigger then anything any of us have ever seen before. It has to be big and terrible, bloody and deadly so that the people will accept anything they are told by those in government. There is no way to keep this from happening, those people already know what they intend to do and they are going to do it. When, where, how and what are the questions that need to be found out before that terrible day. As long as those of us here can keep shining the light on their plans, that will set them back for a short time. Just like the foolishness of 9/11, buildings designed to withstand a plane crashing into them, those people will be able to fool too many who will never believe that their own government is behind all of this terror. "Osama bin Laden didn't do 9/11--CIA and Mossad did." Thank you R.Parker.