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Real Tear Jerker: Vancouver Washington - Ron Paul Supporters overflowing

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Comment by Kodigo
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It does not baffle me anymore why the Main Stream Media describes Ron Paul as an "unelectable" politician, and why the New Hampshire newspaper identified him among the GOP nominees as a candidate from the "lunatic fringe".

Just to cite a couple of examples of what the NH newspaper means calling him a candidate from the "lunatic fringe": Declaring in public that 911 was not the fault of Al Qaeda terrorists but of the United States, is tantamount to saying that those Al Qaeda assassins are not terrorists, but the U.S. is a terrorist country. That means that according to his funky mind, in 911, Americans, not those Islamic murderers, are the terrorists, which in turn means that you and I are terrorists who were responsible for that 911 infamy. Now I understand why he is notoriously known as a "terrorist coddler". What an oddball!

He is anti-war. In his first year in office as President he will cut down the budget by $1 trillion. That would bastardize the funding of our national defense – that would practically abolish our national security programs now in place to protect us from terrorism. In this war on terror, no need for our enemies to clobber us … Ron Paul is already doing it for them!

And many more of those insane political ideas he declared in public. What a jerk! Who would elect a politician like that to the Office of the President? Of course only those who are loonies.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Whatever publicity is attempted to boost the image of Ron Paul usually written only by one man using several aliases does not fool the public that he is an "unelectable" politician that can never be elected to the Office of the President President of the United States. The announcement to quit the race is just in the corner and all of these are but a waste of time.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Ron Paul Is a Beautiful Man/

Yet no word from him on such critical issues as  Iran war NOW

Fuck all on USUERY

and not a word on FREE ENERGY

RON PAUL is a Baby and a simple man who is still living in the past 

Anarchapulco 2024