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Dear Maine GOP: 1+1+1 does not = 4. Official results are wrong

• By Bev Harris

Two super alert citizens, Frank Pearson and John Washburn, each hit me with spreadsheets about the same time, proving that Maine's caucus results don't even add up. As the precise John Washburn says, "their spreadsheet lacks internal integrity."

Because of the relatively open, public process, we've all been treated to a public display on lack of election integrity. I'm hearing whimpers of "bring in the voting machines" from news outlets like The AP, but we all need to remember that with the machines, the public can't see the counting process and wrong totals cannot be detected by the public.
You've probably already heard they decided to just not count Washington County, with 6,876 registered Republican voters, and that
the "winning" result announced by the GOP for Romney was only 194 more than Ron Paul.