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Nightshades or Nightmare?

• by John Roth

The following is an anecdotal story, not a medical article. I am a male over 60 and have [or had] a serious health problem that I tried to ignore for the last three years. I tried every holistic treatment, supplement, vitamin and herb under the sun. During that period my gastrointestinal tract quit working three times. I had a lot of trouble breathing and although I had theurge nothing would come out of my body. You get the picture.

Since I consider the hospital a dangerous place I refused to go to the Emergency Room. Not only do I avoid the Hospital like the plague I don't go to doctors.

When I was a kid, before modern medicine and "specialists," our doctor, Abe Greenberg, carried a black bag and took an oath, Primum non nocere, "First, do no harm"). Doctor Greenberg had this to say about medicine: