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Legalized Market for Human Kidneys: a Problem or a Panacea?

• by Reza varjavand
 You may have seen the TV commercial by MasterCard Company informing us that "There are some things money can't buy; for everything else, there's MasterCard." Even though I do not agree with the implied premise of this advertisement--that MasterCard is some kind of money, which it is not--the opening adage is of course accurate. We cannot buy everything with money, and the human kidney is an example of just such a thing.
Even just the thought of trading kidneys in a market is repulsive to many people, at least initially, demonstrating how difficult it is to find a balance between economic considerations and moral values.
People seem to be disgusted by the idea of trading kidneys in a market for money, partially because they are influenced by their moral values and religious beliefs, or they are not aware of the dire consequences of the organ shortage

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