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PIsces New Moon, February 21, 2012

• by Cathy Lynn Pagano

"Thou art God and I am God and all that groks is God, and I am all that I have ever been or seen or felt or experienced. I am all that I grok." (Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961. P.474.)

Robert Heinlein's marvelous book became one of the defining stories of the 60s. A story of a man born on Mars who comes back to Earth to teach people a new consciousness, Heinlein's story envisioned people engaging in sacred sex without jealousy or possessiveness, and learning how to regulate their physical bodies, develop their "psychic' abilities and understand that there is no real death but merely a transformation of form without the loss of essence. The essential part remains in us and with us in shared communion.