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That Don't Make No Sense

• by Bob Alexander
 In an article this week in Crooks and Liars -- Amnesty International: Time For Stricter Controls on Taser Use...
"According to data collected by Amnesty International, at least 500 people in the USA have died since 2001 after being shocked with Tasers either during their arrest or while in jail.

"Among the cases reviewed, 90 percent of those who died were unarmed. Many of the victims were subjected to multiple shocks."

When a cop shoots an unarmed person, and they die on the spot, or later in the hospital, that's "bad." But if a cop zaps somebody with a taser and the zapee dies on the spot, or later in his cell ... it's an Oopsie??!!

Where are the investigations? 500 people killed by cops is a headline. When cops kill 500 people, 90% of them unarmed, it means the Firesign Theatre was correct when they said on one of their albums, "Help ... It's The Police!"

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