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Greed Kills

• by Curt Day
 This Fall, we will be electing, from a self-limiting pool of 2 candidates, the President of the United States. We will either choose the Republican "Greed Gone Wild" candidate or the Democratic "We Do Greed Right" incumbent. The difference between them is that one, in the name of personal liberty, wishes to free greed from the shackles of guilt while the other wants to refine greed in order to make it more socially acceptable. What the two candidates will have in common is that both want to oversee a greed-driven economy. And less we pretend that we are not complicit here, for most of us, our vote will be determined by who we think will best help us obtain or maintain our Fantasy Island lifestyle. That lifestyle is rightly called a fantasy because the island we wish to live in is both severed from the real world and unsustainable. And our lifestyle can be rightly called an island because it is based on living in an isolated bubble rather than with the rest of the outside world.