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I vote/we agree with Oil-monopoly price-gouging, fracking, etc.

• Tracy Turner
 I vote for emphysema from diesel trucks and buses. I vote for an industry with chemists who turned 1980's purple-brown smog to clear, transparent poison that's out of sight and out of mind.
We agree to 1980's-era Supertankers taking American oil to China while returning home with Arab oil, like it makes sense to move all oil half way around the world to drive up costs.

I vote for chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides exported to all the third world countries so we can import fruit and vegetables soaked with carcinogens. We agree, because we are fracked-up monopolies who price-fix, price-gouge and war-profiteer.

I vote for traffic gridlock in cars and trucks that spew out pollution even when they are not moving. We agree, yet our ads always use the word tomorrow, even though tomorrow never comes.