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The War Horse – an Anti-Human Story?

• by Allan Stevo

This is one of those movies that makes me feel sort of heartless because as everyone else in the packed theater "ooohs" and "aaaaahs" I’m seething with anger at what a bunch of idiots I’m surrounded by. Kitsch is enough to drive some people into unquestioning adoration of a scene. Kitsch isn’t enough to make me ignore the fact that the underlying message of what is happening around me is entirely twisted.

That makes me at least a little ashamed for my emotions and leaves me with the conclusion that Steven Spielberg is either really twisted or has made the movie The War Horse in order to make fun of Americans. Two months back, I watched it in the theater. It was two days after Christmas, everyone around me probably had their bellies still full of food from the yuletide feasts – in that situation I’m supposed to be even more likely to like mushy movies. But I wasn’t sold on this one.


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Comment by James17
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"Or, are we Americans really so freakin out of touch with the value of human life that we gasp at pain for a creature while thinking nothing of the death of another human?" -- Yes...! I am banned forever to be able to comment in the Huffington Post/AOL site. Why? Because I spoke out about the murder of innocent people by the jews -IDF- and the stealing of land that does not belong to any person calling themselves a jew. I still read the comments made by people on the Huffington Post/AOL site and too many of those fools are calling for war to continue in the Middle East that would murder millions over lies of propaganda put out by this wicked US government and the MSM. Even when I mention something to some of my neighbors, people that should know about what war is like, I hear them justify this murder and war. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say that day when 'war' comes onto American soil. If you are a regular reader of articles through FreedomsPhoenix, then you are fully aware that something is intended to come to this country any day now. I can only hope that I will be able to see my neighbors to find out their new view about the death of innocent people and maybe even to make my comment in some news article saying, "I told you so."