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Anonymous Donor Pledges $15,000 Matching Funds for Idaho Super Brochure Mailing!

• 3StepsTowardFreedom

Clarification: 43,088 is the target. At this number, the matching funds kick in, and 100% of the state is mailed! Less than 3,000 to go ~

The following was recieved in my inbox today and I am excited to say I am participating in this as well as the money bomb

"Wow! An anonymous fan of Ron Paul has put $15,000 on the table: so all of Idaho can be mailed.

The buyer is a major advocate of Dr. Paul's health freedom plan and owns a respected nutritional supplement company in Lake Forest, Illinois. She is going to watch the ticker and match every mailing in Idaho until Monday, February 20 at midnight. This is a race and she has issued the challenge.

16,804 mailings is the Starting Line --> 43,088 mailings is the Finish Line - GO!!!!!!