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D.C. Council chairman cracks down on #@&#%!!!

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is cracking down on his colleagues using profanity when conducting the business of the council. The amendment to the council's code of conduct is a response to last week's verbal brawl between members David Catania and Marion Barry. Catania was quoted in The Washington Examiner saying "F you, Marion," at a council retreat.

On Tuesday after Brown's amendment passed, Catania said he was not defending his blow up — but that his frustrations have been rising.

"For many of us, I've grown just weary of the constant scandals and the breaches of conduct by many of the members," Catania said. "The most recent of which was stealing [from the city.] It's certainly fascinating that we can have a code of conduct on language but this body was silent when a member [former Councilman Harry Thomas Jr.] admitted to stealing."