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Iran Vows to Launch Preemptive Strike If Attack on Them Imminent

• Common Dreams staff

TEHRAN - A senior Iranian military commander underlined that Tehran would use every possible means in response to potential enemy aggressions.

Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces for Logistic and Industrial Research General Mohammad Hejazi pointed to Iran's latest strategy to embark on posing threats in response to enemy threats, and explained that the strategy means "we will no more wait to see enemy action against us".

"Given this strategy, we will make use of all our means to protect our national interests and hit a retaliatory blow at them whenever we feel that enemies want to endanger our national interests," Hejazi noted
As regards Israeli officials' war rhetoric against Iran, Hejazi said, "We enjoy the ability to show them all types of confrontation in case of a foolish act by the Zionist regime (of Israel)." [...]

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